This is not real... the sites listed below were created as Brayden Matsko's Ferenheight 451 Project. None of the images/products are actually available. Please remember this as you browse. Now, feel free to explore!

"Quote for the segment"

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Explaining The Design

You may notice words being highlightedBoldUnderlined, or Italicized. This is because I imagine a lot of skimming happens in their world, those are indications of important details. making these sites easy to understand and interpret with music blaring, dentrafice ads everywhere, and while keeping a TV conversation. In a society full of distractions, I imagine that their websites are no different. You may notice an ad popping up out of nowhere, covering your screen, making you wait a couple of seconds to continue, or a bunch of images in place of text, because they know people wont read if they want to stay happy.