People Want To Win

Fahrenheit 451 has a part in which Montag is being chased, then he was later killed. The only problem is that Montag wasnt the one killed, the government just chose someone who looked like him and killed him on live tv. This over time will cause people to feel like the government has a supreme power over them, and they never loose. This is shown on page 68, when Granger says “Right now, some poor fellow is out for a walk. A rarity. An odd one. Don't think the police don't know the habits of queer ducks like that, men who walk mornings for the hell of it, or for reasons of insomnia Anyway, the police have had him charted for months, years. Never know when that sort of information might be handy.” to Montag. Bradburry used this situation to show that sometimes people will go to great lengths in rder to assert dominance, and in an era of low attention spans that will happen even faster than ever.

This is what I imagine their TV would've looked like watching "Montag" die.

I chose to use an external source to elaborate on attention spans, because if the people in F451 had longer attention spans, that man would possibly still be alive. Attention spans are how long people pay attention to something before getting bored or giving up. Check the link out for more info.

Attention Spans