In Farenheight 451, one of Bradbury's largest warnings against society is about taking happiness at any cost. He tries to warn us by showing examples of is when Mildred overdoses while mindlessly "talking" to the TVs. Right after the emergency personnel help Mildred, they say this, "Someone else just jumped off the cap of a pillbox. Call if you need us again. Keep her quiet. We got a contra-sedative in her," pg 7. This implies that it’s fairly common for people, in close proximity to each other to overdose on their medications. Mildred taking too many pills while watching TV shows that doing mindless activities for hours on end may cause you to not apply your mind to other things you’re also doing.

This image represents kinda what a table next to Mildred could’ve looked like when Montag found it. 

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You would think that when they are shoving a “Snake” into you, they’d use something to sedate, or mitigate the feelings or effects of the snake. But, they use something that would in theory make you feel more. I found that particularly interesting. This website will tell you a little more about contra-sedatives and their effects.