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+ an addition $10/month for maintenance, basic changes, and analytics.

Basic HTML

About Basic HTML Sites

Basic HTML sites are still very much all over the internet, but they are being slowly phased out. They also don’t adapt to diffrent device sizes very well. This type of site is perfect for simple content delivery without flashy graphics, and tons of features.

The Price

Basic HTML sites have a lower price compared to Editor X sites. This is due to the fact that they generally take les time to make. This price also includes one year of hosting which is about $210/year depending on the site.

Editor X

About Editor X Sites

Sites made with Editor X are written in CSS, so they adapt to almost any screen size perfectly, and allow you to make slightly different desktop, tablet, and mobile sites. Improving the user experience. These sites also have better graphics, more flexibility, and usually come off as more modern.

The Price

Unfortunately, Editor X websites take longer to build, and maintain. That’s the reason for the slight price increase. This price also includes one year of hosting which is about $210/year depending on the site.

Starting at...


Starting at...


Web Design Pricing

Your Domain

A website domain is an essential part of your website. Without it, people would have no way to get to your site. It can also be used for email accounts to get an email address. The price is dependent on many factors. But, they are usually $12/year per .com domain.

Add Ons

GSuite by Google

GSuite is a service by Google that gives businesses professional email addresses. But, It also gives you access to many other Google features including Drive, Docs, Forms, and amazing real time collaboration between people in and out of your organization. More information is available at

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BMatsko Web Design can help you setup marketing campaigns on all major search engines. As well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Advertising is even available in the form of targeted Google Ads, which appear in thousands of different places all over the internet.

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After The Site is Built


Website hosts give your website a place to live. They also handle page requests from users (they send your website to a phone, tablet, etc.). As BMatsko Web Design doesn’t do their own hosting, this is $210 a year, and paid to a 3rd party hosting company.

For $10 a month, your website will be maintained and updated at your request. This is mandatory, as your website will need to stay up to date with website accessibility laws as they change.


Smaller changes, like text and images is included with maintenance. But, larger changes like new pages, and service integrations can take a lot of time. So, some services come at an additional cost. You can inquire about the cost of these changes as diffrent services have diffrent prices.

Complex Changes